Launch of newest pub to Regina!

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The newest pub to hit Regina is about to launch, and it's about time! Set back with delays, and missed shipments, Birmingham's Vodka & Ale House is one of the most anticipated opens in the city of Regina in a long while. 

Boasting to carry over 100 different vodkas, this place is sure to be a local favortie. Top that with excllusive technology that allows Birmingham's cutomers to pour their own ice cold draft beer, right at their table. Thats right... The customer becomes the bartender. With state of the art technology, the customer controls the flow of ice cold beer, to pour as little or as much as they want. Overseen by the managment and a computer of course to ensure safe consumption. Each table has two self contained brands of beer to choose from. All prices are paid by the oz, so you only pay for what you pour. These are also mobile tables, so in the summer time they are planned to be out on the deck. The open date is scheduled for March 28th, 2013. Hope to see everyone there for a vodka or two.