Be Your Own Bartender With Self Pouring Tables

Birmingham's introduces its exclusive self pouring draught tables, that allow you the customer to pour your own ice cold pint of beer, right at your own table.

No longer will you have to guess if you have what it takes to be the guy behind the bar. Our exclusive draught technology allows you to use the same commercial grade equipment that the real guys use, and experience our pub like no other before.

Each table is equipped with 2 different beer options. All you simply have to do is select the type of beer you would like to pour, by pressing a touch screen attached to the taps. You then, tilt a glass and pull the lever to get an ice cold beer every time. Our patented technology, tracks all the product you pour through our Wi-Fi flow meters, and then bills you ONLY for what you have consumed.

These tables are reservable and are bookked quite often, so if you are looking to give them a try, feel free to give our nearest location a call and book one today. With enough advance notice we can have any domestic beer we carry, hooked up to that table ready for you when you arrive.

Oh, and these tables are mobile, and can be moved to our deck in the summer or a private function in our party room. Ask one of our managers for more details.